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6759 Angels Ln, Tucker, GA 30084, USA

Property Description

Welcome to our "Tow-tally peachy" RV, the only place in Atlanta where you get a personalized tour guide before you even come inside! Every single detail has been thought of - from the comfortable outdoor spaces, to the tasteful "Atlanta peach" themed décor, to the incredible artwork surrounding the entire structure. All of these promise you a unique and unforgettable stay that you'll talk of for years to come!


This 35' Fifth wheel camper has been fully renovated to bring every comfort of home to you (and then some!). With a foam bed, indoor fireplace, fully functional kitchen and bathroom, dining area, and more, you'll be amazed at how spacious and roomy it feels. And that's just the inside!

The outside boasts multiple outdoor seating areas, outdoor games, a grill, and of course, a picturesque and unforgettable mural around the entire exterior of the camper that will give a visual reminder of some of the best things Atlanta has to offer.


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